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Unani Drugs “Herbs Heal Health Systems” is an idea to serve the society and humanity. Unani Drugs is sharing the knowledge, providing the right set of information and the solutions on health issues; those are impacting your health and wellbeing.

We are dedicated to providing you the very best content and latest health topics, so you can find out the solutions to your queries. unanidrugs.com is a committed and dedicated platform to care for you.

Unani Drugs brings quality health topics, Health blogs, health news, features and videos on Unani and Herbal Medicine that makes it easier for you to understand health related issues and their solutions.

Unani Drugs is always there to serve you better and provide simple and easy health solutions to complicated problems and health issues.  Our blogs and reviews are detailed, specific and evidence based. We try to source scientific evidence and facts wherever possible about anything on which we are reporting and writing.

unanidrugs.com is the brainchild of Dr Musharraf Husain, an India-based health professional. He is medicine graduate, herbalist, YouTuber and a Blogger.

Dr Musharraf Husain created unanidrugs.com as a way to share all the incredible knowledge, health news and helpful advice to the world. He is inspired by the Arabic word “Iqra” which means read & learn and teach and wish to spread the knowledge, wisdom and insight for the humanity.

Dr Musharraf Husain is a seasoned healthcare professional. He has great exposure to healthcare industry. He is expert in Herbal healthcare, Unani Medicine, Health Insurance, Hospital Operations and Healthcare Management space.

He believes that Nature has a cure for everything because it has all the healing powers in itself.  Knowledge and information are the best resources in the world; the solution to every problem.

We hope you enjoy our content, topics and blogs as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Dr Musharraf Husain

B. Sc, B.U.M.S, MBA Healthcare Services, Consultant Unani & Herbal Medicine, Ex House Physician Majeedia Hospital New Delhi, with 20 years of vast experience in Herbal and Unani Medicine System.

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