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Nature’s remedies & Unani Drugs

unani drugs

The Concept of Unani Medicine

The modern medicine and treatment is based on the synthetic and chemical substances. These drugs and chemical substances cause various unseen side effects on our body resulting metabolic alterations and Diseases.

On other hand, Unani Drugs and Herbal System of Medicine is safe, sound and natural mode of treatment. Medicinal Plants, Herbs and their Active constituents act via modulation of biological activities plays an important role in diseases management.

The Fact

Allopathic treatment is very quick and fast but alters the various metabolic functions. Unani Medicines and Natural Drugs such as curcumin, black seed, olive fruits/leaves and dates show a therapeutic role in diseases control by eliminating the toxins from the body and maintains the balance.

In Tibbe-Nabwi, Herbs and it’s constituents have important value in treatment of various diseases and Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) used various herbs, fruits, seeds and plants including dates and Nigella sativa and also recommended various medicinal plants to cure the diseases.

The Scienceunani treatment

Unani Medicinal plants and their constituents show a vital effect in the diseases management and its cure especially with properties of being antioxidant, blood purifier, cardio-neuro tonic, Nephro-tonic, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic and anti-tumour effect.

Each medicinal plant has its own temperament which treat the disease by balancing the temperament of Body without  alteration in natural & chemical balance of the body.

How Unani System of Medicine Works?

Know Your Body Temperament

body tempramentEach individual has a specific temperament and acts accordingly. Mizaj (temperament) is most important though a difficult theory in Unani system of Medicine. It indicates the properties of  an atom (Unsur), a molecule, a cell, a tissue, annorgan and of the organism as a whole.

The concept of Unani therapy is equilibrium and balance of Unsurs and Mizaj. If there is any change in Mizaj (Temperament), the equilibrium of Body is disturbed in any way and the life threatens in the form of disease.

Mizaj is a quality, which is produced by action and reaction of the opposite qualities of components, which are broken down in small particles in order to facilitate mixing of all the particles. When these components interact by virtue of their respective powers a condition is formed, which is equally divided in other components of compounds.

This quality, which comes into existence, is known as Mizaj. Temperament (Mizaj) is categorised mainly into four:unani drugs

  • Hot (Haar)
  • Cold (Barid)
  • Dry (Khushk)
  • Wet (Ratab)

Mizaj represents the physical and chemical properties of the body. It is one of the basic principles of Unani Medicine, which is known Al- Umur  Al-Tabiya.

There may be greater similarity in Mizaj of two individuals but as a whole it is not repeated. Mizaj is the resultant of interaction between the qualities of the constituents of a compound irrespective of the reaction-taking place in an animate or inanimate.

In Canon of Medicine, Mizaj (temperament) is described as that quality which is a result of mutual interaction of the four contrary primary qualities residing within the elements.

Their opposite powers alternately conquer and are conquered until a state of equilibrium is reached which is uniform throughout the whole. It is this outcome, which is being given the name of temperament (Mizaj)

Why choose Nature unani medicine

Nature says “Balance is the Law of Health” and Unani system of Medicine follow the law of Nature to balance the Law of Health, every person has a defined temperament as every medicinal plant has  only you need to diagnose your temperament and the action of a herbal drug  to  make a balance in your temperament and herbal drug

Incidences of chronic diseases, NCDs (non-communicable diseases) & life style diseases are growing very fast in the present world and there is no cure available in current modern or Allopathic system because overall body functions are getting effected in the attempt of correcting one symptom or system and making imbalance in Total Health system.

The news is the only hope and option for all chronic illnesses is Herbal and Unani natural treatments. This is the reason that’s why chronic patients are getting attracted to the Nature.

How does this work?

unani therapyEach Unani drug has active constituents and effect as the same as modern medicines do but with law of Balance without altering body function. e.g. Ginger and its constituents have shown a vital effect in the prevention of inflammatory process.

Study has shown that ginger oil treat  joint swelling associated with severe chronic adjuvant arthritis. Ginger also shows a vital role in the suppression/inhibition in synthesis of pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-1, TNF-α, and IL-8.

Turmeric and Neem has proven antiseptic as well as antibiotic properties.


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